How to Install Plugins Manually in WordPress for Beginners

WordPress Install Plugins Manually – WordPress Plugin installation screen

Before we understand how to install plugin Manually in WordPress or How to install plugins in WordPress we will need to understand what is plugin & what is the relations ship of plugins with WordPress.

What is WordPress Plugin ?

A WordPress website is a modular entity. Regardless of your knowledge of web development, WordPress allows you to endlessly modify and customize your website while seamlessly adapting it for mobile phones, tablets, and desktops.

At the heart of this modularity of the WordPress platform are various plugins. Plugins in WordPress allow you to add several different features to your website that you otherwise would have had to incorporate using code.The most important feature of plugins is that they are generally associated with third parties, which means that you can add elements from your favorite online services to your WordPress website.

Using plugins, you can add exciting features to even the most elementary of websites developed in WordPress. Additionally, you can also add customized plugins in WordPress and access certain premium features from the paid versions of plugins.

There are several different ways of installing plugins in WordPress. Let’s take a look at the major ones. 

Install a plugin from the Admin Dashboard

The first method of installing plugins in WordPress is through the admin dashboard. However, do keep in mind that you can install only free plugins listed in the dashboard in this way.

First, go to the WordPress admin dashboard and click on ‘Plugins’ in the sidebar to the left. Here, WordPress will present you with the option ‘Add New.’ Click on this, and a new page will appear containing featured plugins. Here, you can search for the plugin that you want using its name or its type.

WordPress Plugins – Add New

Once you have found the perfect plugin for your website, click on ‘Install Now.’ The plugin will now be installed to your account but not activated. To activate the plugin, you need to go to ‘Plugins in the sidebar again and click on ‘Installed Plugins.’ Here, you can activate and deactivate from among the plugins you have installed.

Install Now button on WordPress Plugins search screen

Couple of interesting things you will notice, While you are searching plugin, in the listing screen above there is plenty of information about the plugin, Plugin name, Plugin Author , How many time the plugin has been installed all over, what is the rating of the plugin, When was the plugin last update, and the most important information “is the plugin compatible with your WordPress version or not”.

The last thing compatible or not, is interesting thing WordPress it self detects if the version of the WordPress installed and the available plugin are compatible with each other or not. Currently WordPress just provides information it is up to the User or Admin installing the plugin on how to use that information. By this you should get glimpse of how advance the software WordPress is. It’s not just doing this validation for couple of hundred plugins but for 59,483 plugins currently present in the WordPress plugin directory. Plugin Directory

Install Plugin through Upload

There are several paid plugins that are not listed under the ‘Add New plugin’ option in the WordPress admin dashboard. These need to be downloaded directly from the developer / provider website to your local storage before being uploaded to your instance of WordPress site.

To upload a plugin, simply go to ‘Plugins’ in the WordPress sidebar and click on ‘Add New.’ Right next to the title of the page that appears, you will see the option to ‘Upload Plugin.’ Click on it, and a new page will appear asking you to choose a file from your local storage.

Upload Plugin button on WordPress Plugins search screen

Once you have uploaded the plugin, the option to activate it will appear automatically. Click on ‘Activate Plugin’ to do so. Once it’s installed, it will also be available on the ‘Installed Plugins’ page.


WordPress plugins are among the major reasons that the platform has become the website development behemoth it is today. It makes the development of professional websites extremely easy and allows you to incorporate the best web features into your website. Using the above steps, you can install plugins in WordPress in no time!

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