Services included in WordPress website management and support

You can get your website maintenance , security & speed optimization at one place.  we take out stress & worry, enabling you to be more productive! 

Website Edits

Every Website needs edits, some of them require more than others, be it new products , description, blog, or simple update to your plugin.

Ongoing Speed optimization

Get your WordPress website load faster then ever. Speed improvement comes with more visibility and conversations.

Daily Backups

Get your WordPress Website backups done and be worry free! we ensure your backup are store at two locations.

Ongoing Security

Viruses, malware and hackers work 24 hours around the clock. You don’t. Our security monitoring does.

Core, Plugin, Themes updates

We get going on all WordPress updates for your theme, plugins, and WordPress core software, leave the worry to us.

Uptime Monitoring

We check your website every minute and monitor uptime, you can be worry free and take care of your business, someone is always there to take action and keep you updated on progress we made.

Premium plugins

We Provide premium security , speed optimization, backup plugins with our care plans.

WordPress managed Hosting

We Provide WordPress managed hosting services, host your website with us and be worry free.

Emergency support

WordPress emergency service is needed when your site goes down unexpectedly! Websites gets infected with malware, or get hacked all the time. There may be errors in the code of the core WordPress software, your theme, or your plugins.

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Get Website Maintenance, Be More productive!

Get rid of all the stress and worry , get your website maintenance , malware cleanup and speed optimization done

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