Ongoing Speed Optimization

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Get your WordPress website load faster then ever.

Speed improvement comes with more visibility and conversations.

Why do you need ongoing speed optimization ?

What happens when website loads not so fast is , Visitors tend to abandon the website / shopping charts , now consider this , if this were new users to your site, whom you were planning to convert to customers, will they return ? the statistics says, User don’t prefer to visit a inefficiently performing website. In today’s Mobile world, majority of user will leave if the sites taking longer to load or if it’s performing poorly.
Consider this, will you purchase something from Giant online retailer if adding to cart takes forever? Or the webpage / app takes forever to show you results for your product search?
Will you search on search engine if the results took forever to display?
Would you ever consider sharing stories, interact or play with your friends / family over social network if load times were higher?
We know your answer to above it is straight “No”. Same will be for your users when they visit your website first time or returning visitors / customers. if your website is not performing blazing fast, you are losing on conversion, revenue, new sign up or that’s why your list is not growing, or viewership is not increasing.

Enable Compression

We ensure Gzip compresses your webpages and style sheets before sending them over to the browser, for the current pages and pages created in future

Optimize Images

Compression of site images without losing quality, in an optimal format for desktops and mobile devices, both for current images and future images uploaded.

Premium cache plugins

Installation and configuration of the best Premium plugin on your site.

Ensure Website is utilizting browser cache

We ensure your site is set to utilizing the browser cache. Which in turn results in fast loading times.

Get speed optimization now

Speed improvement comes with more visibility and conversations.​